Main Stage


Nick Waterhouse

Nick Waterhouse is a So-Cal rooted musician who uniquely fuses classic rhythm and blues, jazz and soul, with a mid-century inspired sound. According to Time Magazine, “Song for Winners,” the first single in his newest album exemplifies this genre-melding style as it starts “with a rock ‘n’ roll vibe” before “it quickly evolves into a bluesier groove that shows off his classic style.” Over four albums, he has written, performed and arranged with an intention to paying homage to the sounds of the ‘50s and ‘60s, while also subverting them with new twists.


Kilo Kish

Kilo Kish is an alternative R&B singer-songwriter and rapper whose musical voice and style is hard to pin down. As a multidisciplinary artist who takes inspiration from an eclectic range of subjects and sounds, Kish is constantly genre-blending and experimental with her music. The range and quality of her music have evolved tremendously over her career, as she continues to experiment and divert from expectations with each release. She has collaborated with several prominent rappers such as Vince Staples, Childish Gambino, and ASAP Rocky, and her work has been spotlighted by the New York Times, Vogue, and Time Magazine.

Jesse Jo Stark

Jen Awad

Jen Awad is a rising Peruvian-Egyptian soul singer who is part of a rising movement of Latinx, queer artists in Los Angeles. With her classic soul voice and her punk glam style, she released her EP, Jewel of the Nile, earlier this year where she explores themes such as dealing with love, feeling unworthy, and trying to make sense of relationships. Her influences span generations of soul music from “Cocoanut Grove-era jazz singers like Etta James and Sara Vaughan to the hip-hop-steeped era of Lauryn Hill, Raphael Saadiq and Winehouse” (August Brown, LA Times.)


Sister Mantos

What started as a solo project by Oscar Miguel Santos in 2008, Sister Mantos has transformed into a live multi-instrumental band and performance group who sing songs about love, queer & POC empowerment, and utopias free of war and oppression with a psychedelic blend of Latin beats, punk attitude, and funk rhythms. Their audiences are always treated on a trippy psychedelic adventure - an out of this world experience of spastic dancing and bombastic beats that makes for a total rave.

Ricardo Lemvo and Makina Loca

Ricardo Lemvo embodies the Afro-Latin Diaspora with his innovative music that blends pan-African styles with the Cuban clave rhythm. Originally hailing from M'banza-Kongo, Zaire in Northern Angola, Lemvo established himself as a pioneer of the Afro-Latin style in the L.A. salsa circuit and has been growing his audiences internationally, touring frequently across the United States, Europe, and Africa. Since forming his Los Angeles-based band Makina Loca in 1990, Lemvo has continued to refine his craft and vision, raising his joyous voice with strength, singing songs that celebrate life, and most importantly, inspiring his audiences to let loose and dance away their worries.

Thee Sinseers

Recently established in 2018 and straight from East L.A., Thee Sinseers embody the lowrider sweet soul vibe. Love songs, washed with reverb, slow tempos for rolling, and a vibe for days. This type of doo-wop soul has been embraced by the Chicano culture and with a growing scene, Thee Sinseers look to make their own mark.

Glendale Stage

Mt. Pool

Based in Los Angeles, Mt. Pool is a 4-piece rock band known for songwriting, exciting live shows, and recordings. The band began recording in 2017 and released their debut album, Splash!,to  critical acclaim in 2018. Since then they have gone on to play numerous live shows to enthusiastic audiences all over Southern California. The Band is currently working on their nextalbum, “No Rush”, which is due to be released soon.


Collage by Melanie Hopkins

Melanie Hopkins enjoys the tactile nature of collage – cutting, pasting, molding –repurposing images to create pieces with intricate patterns and interconnecting themes. Her work gives new life to discarded periodicals and various other ephemera creating something new and long-lasting. Throughout the event, Melanie will demonstrate collage techniques using various papers and ephemera.


Pawprints by Nina

Nina Lutz is a California based illustrator and animal lover. She graduated from UCLA in June 2017 and now works with dogs and creates art. She loves her rescue dog Rosie who has inspired much of her artwork. Nina has spent her life traveling and has been to over 30 countries; her trips have inspired her work. She is passionate about storytelling through illustration, and believes in the power of children's literature to both educate and entertain.


Carter Comics

Allen Carter is and independent comic creator originally from Honolulu, Hawaii, now living in North Hollywood, California. Mr. Carter is the sole creator of the comic titles "Damn Tourists" and "Cosmic Force." He will also be doing and art demonstration at his table on how to draw everyday expressions, or "Figures of Speech," (such as "met his match," or "hanging by a thread") using his other character: Mr. Figure-of-Speech Mongoose.


Art and Cartoons by Corey Barba

Corey Barba is a Cartoonist, Animator and Comic Artist. He has worked for DreamWorks, SpongeBob Comics, MAD Magazine, and more. His imagery includes strange creatures, cute animals, skulls and alien  technology.


Art by Anna Manukyan

I’m an abstract artist, originally from Armenia but now I’m living and creating in the USA. My paintings originate from inspiration by nature, music, and poetry. Color, Rhythm, Energy, and Feelings, here are the four names that you can see in my paintings. My gallery collection of art brings modern contemporary abstract to life that lies within myself. I find paintings to be my way of expressing my thoughts and feelings that bring out the true love I have for art. I love to paint at the moment of inspiration, express the energy, color, and rhythm of that moment and leave (reflect) all that expression on canvas. Through my art, I hope to move and inspire others, make them smile and encourage them to pursue their own dreams.

- Anna Manukyan


Stu Rosen Art

Stu Rosen is a Sketch Artist, specializing in wild animals and loving pets. Everything is drawn using ballpoint pen, without starting with pencil. It's all about doing the most with what you have, and no turning back! If you have a pen and a piece of paper, you can have art! Stu will teach techniques to bring sparkle into the eyes, "turning mistakes into magic", and the three steps he uses to make realistic fur. Lessons will last between 5 and 15 minutes, so you can get in and go quickly, or hang around and try them all!


Keryl Kris

I am mad for color. My work interacts and responds to the brilliant light of the Valley - both the light outside and that within people. It is both geometric and realistic - shifting one form into another in active motion. Currently I am exploring multiple forms of acrylic, adding such media as house paint and even sparkle paint to the conventional artists tubes.

- Keryl Kris



23rd&Hare are handmade uniquely eclectic jewelry and accessories, made from vintage findings, found objects, recycled materials and more... Heavily inspired by the Roaring Twenties, art deco, literature, pop culture and Asian street fashion — our one if a kind pieces definitely add a bit of the fantastical in every outfit. Our demo will feature our signature key necklaces, join us in crafting a unique & eclectic vintage inspired necklace from real house keys, found beads, and other materials.

Imperfect Produce

Groceries on a mission! At Imperfect, we're working to eliminate food waste and build a better food system for everyone. We believe that food is food, no matter what it looks like. We believe that everyone deserves access to healthy food, regardless of income. And we believe that by changing the way we eat and think about food, we can make the world a little better. Let's talk about food waste and I'll hook you up with a 50% discount!


Molten Metal Works

Molten Metal Works is LA’s community metal shop! We offer classes in what most people need: how to fix a fence, how to build your own furniture, and how to make sculptures, mobiles, or even how to make your own bicycle. We’ve got 4,000 square feet full of tools, the expertise to match, and more patience than your seventh grade shop teacher.


Pine Needle Basketry and Gourd Art, Matousek Glassworks

My passion for basketry developed from a love of using organic materials. I'm interested in recycling materials into works of art. Pine needles have such a wonder fragrance and durability to them that it is no wonder the Native Americans used them as a material for basketry. The organic nature of the needles make every basket unique.

- Shelley Matousek


Rich Clark

My goal through nature photography is to capture a vision and express my interpretation of the world around us. I enjoy exploring and I find things that most of us never see because we are too busy to stop and look or truly appreciate the beauty of our surroundings. Most often, my photographs exhibit nature’s glory and many tell stories that evoke a sense of wonder and mystery. If only for a moment, I want to share my unique glimpse so that it can be cherished a lifetime. It’s important that I make a difference, not only in how people respond to my work, but by affecting how they interact with our environment. All of us must learn to value the earth’s hidden treasures so that they are not lost forever.

- Rich Clark


Open Windows to the World

I love to travel.  And when I'm on the road, like many photographers, I like to capture ordinary life and places. Anything that would make you "want to be there." That's where it starts. How to present that sensation is what I create. This is done in my workshop, my atelier.    I "repaint" the image to give the viewer a multi-dimensional impression, the color, the depth and the presence, as if you are looking at it through your wall window. So... What, better yet WHERE, do you want to see out of your window today?

- Movses Djanbatian


Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra

Beloved by audiences and praised by critics, Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, known to Angelenos as LACO, is a preeminent interpreter of historical masterworks as well as a champion of contemporary composers. Headquartered in the heart of the country’s cultural capital, LACO has been proclaimed “America’s finest chamber orchestra” (Public Radio International), “LA’s most unintimidating chamber music experience” (Los Angeles Magazine), “resplendent” (Los Angeles Times), and “one of the world’s great chamber orchestras”(KUSC Classical FM).


Antaeus Theatre Company

The Antaeus Theatre Company values Community Engagement: Theatre is a profoundly social act. Antaeus is a gathering place where actors and audiences can come together for a shared experience. We recognize it is important to engage our audiences on and off the stage. Using theatre as a catalyst, we stimulate important conversations to nurture understanding and create empathy. We invite festival participants to contribute to an artwork-in-progress by answering for themselves: why is empathy important?


Verdugo Hills Art Association

The Verdugo Hills Art Association (VHAA) is a community of artists of all skill levels, in which members can develop and build their own capabilities in a fun and supportive environment.  We do this through a range of programs that give members the opportunity to learn while forging strong relationships with other artists. At our booth, two of our artists will be holding art demonstrations. Kimberly-Ann Talbot will be demonstrating how to make beaded sun catchers throughout the day. Angela Roberson will be demonstrating caricatures throughout the day.

Karen Winters Fine Art

Karen Winters is a plein air painter who travels all over California and the western states in search of places of timeless beauty. Her influences include the early California impressionists. Through group and solo shows, her work has been exhibited at the Autry National Center of the American West, the Pasadena Museum of California Art, the Bowers Museum of Cultural Art and numerous other museums and galleries throughout California and the US. Her work is in many public collections, including the Huntington Library collection. Her paintings have also been in the national shows of the National Watercolor Society and the American Impressionist Society.


Panache Jewerly

Panache's jewelry collection is made up of one-of-a-kind wire wrapped earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings that are all hand made in Los Angeles by Amanda Diaz. Each piece is designed to ensure quality and style.

Clenn Designs

Clenn Designs believes that every design, project, graphic, video should be available for everyone in its utmost quality. We offer different sets of skills and/or techniques that we have acquired through years of experience in different industries.

Braden Fine Art

In my visual works I draw inspiration from the deep connection I feel with nature, and this planet. Seeing aerial views of this planet when traveling by air has had great power in my work, it has sparked a curiosity leading to research of drone photos of specific landscapes and places. It lets me understand our atmosphere and clouds more indepthly. Technology is such a beautiful thing that it lets us have free information through the connections of wires and electricity. I understand the ironic coincidence that we use our technologies to observe nature in its most precious pristine states.

- Sarah Braden

Just Vivi

Just Vivi creates crocheted rabbits with yarn and decorated with tiaras, crocheted mini mice decorated with gold crowns on a wood plaque and frames, plastered skulls painted with lively colors and decorated with colorful flowers.

SomethingExtra Candle Productions

Unique soy and beeswax candles made by two friends who have Down syndrome.


HULMA started with a collection of hand-made accessories designed and created by Abie and Marianne who established this company through their special love for dainty, minimalist, and meaningful jewelry. HULMA values the handmade process of every product, using only quality metals and natural stones to create pieces that you would love to wear every single day.

Coffee Art by Kristen Silva

I paint with coffee, as a medium, on watercolor paper. Mostly, I paint female figures because the story telling in their posture and gestures are some that I am familiar with. I use espresso, French pressed coffee and drip coffee. Decaf or Regular doesn’t really matter.

- Kristen Silva


Jorge Daniel Nunez is a first generation Mexican American artist, born in Southern California. Jorge is a Los Angeles based self taught Ab-Pop Cartoonist Painter. Living in Los Angeles (that is enriched with Latino/Chicano culture), Jorge paints from his Mexican tradition and American culture. His influences are Keith Haring, Frida Kahlo, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Francis Bacon, Andy Warhol and Banksy.

Arts Health Early Career Research Network

The Arts Health Early Career Research Network is a global network for new researchers who are involved in studying the intersection of arts, health, humanities, and medicine. We are currently working on expanding our California network, and we would love for you to consider joining us or simply stop by to learn more about arts & health. When you visit the booth, you can also participate in a hands-on, arts-based method to provide feedback on the festival!

Musical Theatre Guild

Come enjoy singing your favorite Broadway show tunes, both classics and current, with the Musical Theatre Guild!  Learn more about our professional theatre company and how we put together professionally staged concert readings of treasured Broadway musicals in just 25 hours. If you don’t know much about musical theatre, but would like to learn more about this original American art form or about The Musical Theatre Guild, please stop by our tent! And while you’re online, visit us at and see why we are “... a treasured gift to Los Angeles for which we all should be deeply grateful.” - The Los Angeles Times  



Genrerama is all about getting people to engage with as many types of music as possible. I hope my music-themed shirts inspire conversation and that my picture book series motivates families to learn about and listen to different styles of music.  The aim is to promote creativity and expand our connection and understanding of the world around us, through music.

- Cherie Sola

Imagine Project

Imagine Project is LA’s new and only Equity theatre dedicated entirely to programming for young audiences! We strive to dynamically engage with youth of all cultural and economic backgrounds, inspiring them to face life with creativity, insight, empathy and courage. Derived from the experiences of many different ethnic groups that make up LA’s diverse cultural diaspora, IP invites children and parents to come together in the vast and nurturing space of theatre to make a difference in the lives of kids everywhere. Visit their booth for fun activities!

Ages 5-12

Community Services & Parks Dept.

Glendale Parks Climbing Wall

All day - Kid Zone

The Community Services & Parks Department (CSP) brings a 28 foot climbing wall for all ages to enjoy!  CSP’s mission is to enhance the quality of life by providing safe,  and well-maintained parks and public spaces; preserving open space and historic resources; providing services that address the physical, recreational, social, and economic needs of the community; and creating opportunities for renewal, growth and enrichment.

Ages 5+ (participants must weigh at least 40lbs and be able to fit into the harness).


Food Vendors

California Pizza Kitchen

The authority in creative dining with a California vibe, California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) features high quality, fresh and seasonal ingredients. With signature hand-tossed, hearth-baked pizzas, inventive main plates, pastas, salads and sandwiches, as well as hand-crafted cocktails, premium wines and craft beers, get ready to find your California State of Mind.

All India Cafe

All India Cafe offers authentic Indian home-style cooking that only uses natural spices and ingredients. It specializes in Northern Indian cooking with some mouth watering Southern Indian dishes as well.

Beer Garden

Check out our Beer Garden sponsored by Golden Road Brewing.

Must be 21+ to enter the Beer Garden.

Local Restaurants

California Pizza Kitchen

BJ’s Restaurant

Tender Greens


The Olive Garden

Ben and Danny’s

Khinkali House

Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt

Regent Coffee

Da Juice Bar

All India Cafe

Porto’s Bakery

Carousel Restaurant

Urartu Coffee

Heritage Eatery

Terra d’Oliva

Plate and Petal

Panini Kabob Grill

Hot Dog on a Stick

Charleys Philly Steak

Lolli & Pops

Oil & Vinegar

The Eden on Brand

85 degress C Bakery and Cafe

Mix & Match Burger

Lola’s Peruvian Restaurant

Damon’s Steakhouse

Shake Shack

Oak and Vine

Bacari GDL


Granville Cafe

Sprinkles Cupcakes