Time Event Location Category
4:00-4:40p The Altons Main Stage Music
All day Amasor Jewelry Booth 4 Art Demonstration
Time TBD (3x per day) Art of Evans Booth 25 Activity (all ages)
All day Carter Comics Booth 13 Activity (all ages)
All day Clenn Designs Booth 37 Activity (all ages)
All day Concientious Clay Booth 28 Activity (all ages)
All day Cornejo Arts Booth 35 Activity (all ages)
5:00-5:40p La Chamba Main Stage Music
All day Craft School Altadena Booth 15 Workshop (all ages)
All day EI Makeup School Face Painting Kid Zone Activity (all ages)
7:00-7:40p Georgia Anne Muldrow Main Stage Activity (all ages)
All day Glendale Parks Climbing Wall Kid Zone Activity (age 5+)
All day Hulma Booth 36 Activity (all ages)
Activity Times TBD Imagine Project Kid Zone Activity (age 5+)
Every 30 minutes IndiTwist Creative Studio Booth 21 Workshop (all ages)
6:00-6:40p Thumpasaurus Main Stage Music
All day Migs Art Booth 17 Activity (all ages)
All day OddFun Booth 14 Activity (all ages)
All day Oliana Afano Art Booth 20 Art Demonstration
All day Open Windows to The World Booth 10 Art Demonstration
8:00-8:40p Jesse Jo Stark Main Stage Music
Workshop Time TBD Panache Jewelry Booth 22 Workshop (all ages)
Activity Times TBD Proud Penguin Kid Zone Activity (age 3+)
9:00-10:00p Allah-Las Main Stage Music